Ekamant is one of the world leading producers of coated abrasive products for the wood industry.

With more than 80 years in the business, we are also one of the oldest. Now we are taking the next step and introduce a brand new Metal Range.

Today we have start to sell X and J-cloth to our customer. Later this year we will introduce all products in our Metal Range.




Ekamant is a very old producer of Coated Abrasives. We are one of the leading producer in the world for the furniture industries.                             

Now we take the next step and introduce products produced primarily for the metal market. When you enter a new market segment you don't only need good product, you need professional people how can introduce the product for the customer. Ekamant has therefore employed a new colleague with 25 years experience in the metal industries.

EKAMANT Metal Range

Ekamant launches new metal products for all types of metal grinding. The product range has everything from J-cloth to very strong polyester back.

You can find products for Non-Ferrous metal to hard Carbon Steel. This new range is added to our product range we use today.